What is this thing: the strangest finds. Issue 175

1 December 2023

Sometimes we come across objects without having a clear idea of their use. In the past, our information capabilities were limited, it’s good that now we have the Internet, which helps us solve riddles. In this post you will see interesting things, the functionality of which is a big question.

1. Found it among my wife's things. What it is?

This is a stick for cooling drinks.

2. What are these green plastic scissor-like handles with metal loops and plastic teeth?

This is a garden tool that helps pull out particularly stubborn weeds.

3. What kind of plastic handle is this? It has a metal triangular thing on top

Cutter for linoleum.

4. Metal double stand in kitchen utensils

This is for food, for example, for whipping a milkshake.

5. What is this thing?

Ozhau – The national Kazakh scoop with a long handle, made from a single piece of wood and decorated with patterns, is an integral addition to the kumys bowl. It comes with both a double notch and a single one.

6. My husband bought an openwork brass item at a flea market

Stand for lipsticks.

7. Porcelain dishes with smooth grooves. What's cooking in this?

This is for cooking snails.

8. I found an object that looked like a watch in the park.

This is a GoPro style wrist camcorder remote control.

9. I found this in my wife's things, I'm very curious what it's for?

This is a chewing toy for babies.

10. Found it in my father's old desk

This is a drawing device for drawing dotted lines.

11. Housewarming gift. Half wood, half marble. What is this?

This is a cutlery for salt and pepper.

12. What is this object with ceramic teeth that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand?

This is a device for pureeing small vegetables such as garlic or ginger.

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