A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 150

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

Women delivering ice long before the invention of the refrigerator, 1918.

Pin-up queen Bettie Page on the beach. 1950s

The Mona Lisa is removed from its secret hiding place during World War II, 1945.

Young chimney cleaner. USA, beginning of XX century.

Parking lot of radiation-contaminated equipment that participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, 1993.

The "Football War" was a short-lived military conflict between El Salvador and Honduras that lasted six days from July 14 to July 20, 1969. The reason for the war was the loss of the Honduras team to the El Salvador team in the playoff matches of the qualifying stage of the World Cup, which explains this name of the conflict between the teams.

Demonstration of an economy-class underground air-raid shelter that could accommodate from 8 to 12 people, USA, 1958. It was stated that this bomb shelter could withstand the fall of a 20-megaton bomb in TNT equivalent.

One of the most influential drug lords in history, Pablo Escobar at Disneyland, 1981.

Children make a kite out of money rendered useless by hyperinflation. Germany, 1923.

The airship "Graf Zeppelin" is being repaired in the air on its way to Rio de Janeiro, 1934.

Scandinavian Airlines flight attendant uniform, Copenhagen, 1960s.

Titanic departs on her first and last voyage, Southampton, 1912.

Guerrilla girl, Vietnam War, Vietnam, 1961.

Motorola's Martin "Marty" Cooper made the world's first mobile call. He called Joel S. Engel, a competitor at Bell Labs. 1973

Observers witness a nuclear test during Operation Redwing from Enewetak Atoll, July 3, 1956.

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