The owners couldn't believe that this furry snowdrift was their cat (4 photos)

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8 February 2019

While the United States is covered in frosts and snowfalls, local four-legged friends are having a hard time. Recently, in the American city of Kalispell, the owners lost their cat, which went outside the house. Not far away they noticed a snowdrift of snow and wool, which was still breathing quietly... A nightmare for any loving owner.

On Tuesday, February 5th, this snowdrift arrived at a veterinary clinic in Kalispell, Montana. It was Fluffy, a domestic long-haired cat. The story of her truly miraculous rescue spread across social networks.

Clinic staff wrote: “The owners found their cat literally buried under the snow. They brought her to us, chilled and unresponsive to touch.” Veterinarians immediately set about saving the little life. Fluffy's owners found her near their home last week when temperatures across the state were at record lows.

That evening, two veterinarians and four nurses tried their best to save the unfortunate cat. Experts used several methods to warm the animal - warm water, intravenous medications, warm towels, in order to somehow increase the body temperature of the frozen cat. Only an hour later the temperature was finally restored.

“She started to howl a little and even growl at us. But we knew that this was a good sign and everything would be fine with her,” says the veterinarian who rescued Fluffy

The cat, which seemed to be on the verge of death, was miraculously saved. Within a couple of hours, Fluffy felt great - and all thanks to the efforts of caring doctors. The cat spent the first night after rescue in the clinic and returned home safely the next day. After several additional checks, veterinarians confirmed that Fluffy was completely healthy. Well, there are eight lives left!

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