A resident of Ufa picked up a rooster in the middle of the city (2 photos + 1 video)

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10 January 2018

Unfortunately, owners very often abandon their pets. Dogs and cats end up in droves. So, recently in Ufa, a local resident met an extremely unusual pet on the street.

Oksana Ulyanova was moving around the city by car and suddenly noticed a box on the side of the road, next to which there was... a rooster! The bird stood on one leg and practically did not move. At first the girl drove by, but soon returned, as she felt very sorry for the poor man.

Despite the fact that the bird was very calm, catching it was not so easy. Fortunately, another caring townswoman came to Oksana’s aid.

“I couldn’t catch him alone, although it was already clear that the rooster was frozen. It’s very cruel to throw a living creature out into the cold like that. But, fortunately, there was a woman nearby walking her dog. Together we managed to take the bird,” the woman said.

Oksana didn’t know what to do with the rooster, so she decided to take him home. In the apartment, the bird quickly calmed down and even allowed itself to be picked up. And then the rooster began to crow loudly, which probably surprised the neighbors.

By late afternoon, Oksana managed to find a new home for her pet. She gave the rooster to her friends who breed birds. Now he will live in a large chicken coop.

Oksana said that this story caused an ironic reaction from her friends, but the woman is equally partial to all animals!

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11 January 2018
Спасибо неравнодушным горожанам!!!
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