Hill Valley then and now (56 photos)

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29 December 2017

Hill Valley is a fictional town in California from the Back to the Future trilogy. The name of the city is a joke. Hill - “hill”, valley - “valley”. Hill-valley. The Hill Valley main square set was built at Universal Studios and was destroyed by fire in 2008. Other places in the town actually exist in California. We will go through them in this post.

The parking lot where the front of Doc's garage was built is located on Victory Blvd. in Burbank, California.

The Burger King located just behind Doc's garage is still operating and open to the public.

On his way to school, Marty passes through Hill Valley's main square, which can now be seen at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Hill Valley High scenes were mostly filmed at Whittier High School at 12417 Philadelphia St, Whittier, California.

Marty is late for the fourth time in a row.

- Not a single McFly in the history of Hill Valley has achieved anything. - History is about to change.

The gym where Marty and his band audition was filmed at the McCambridge Recreation Center, 1515 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, California.

The Lyon Estates area where the McFlys live is actually called Arleta. It can be found in Los Angeles, in the northeast San Fernando Valley.

Here, on Roslyndale Avenue, you can find the McFly house itself.

Twin Pines Mall does exist, but under the name Puente Hills Mall. You can visit him at 1600 S. Azusa Ave., Industry, California.

The legendary parking lot is where the dog Einstein became the first time traveler in history.

Lyon Estates again, but from 1955. Approximate address: 17545 Cucamonga Ave., Chino, California.

Marty returns to the main square.

Fires at Universal Studios in 1990, 1997 and 2008 destroyed much of the scenery, and the area had to be practically rebuilt.

Now there is a gazebo here, and the design of the building’s façade with the clock was changed during restoration.

Fun fact: In Telltale Games' Back to the Future, the same gazebo can be seen when Marty travels back in time to the 1930s.

Doc's garage in 55th.

The Doc Brown House, also known as the Gamble House, is a National Historic Landmark of the United States. Located at 4 Westmoreland Pl., Pasadena, California.

George McFly's house is located here in Pasadena, right next door to Lorraine's house. A little further on the same street (Bushnell Avenue) you can find the house of Biff Tannen's grandmother.

Marty runs away from Biff and his friends.

Crashes into a woman practically on the steps of the courthouse.

Marty and Lorraine park at the school before the dance. Still the same Whittier school.

“Deep Sea Miracles” and the iconic performance of Johnny B. Goode were filmed at the Hollywood United Methodist Church gymnasium, 6817 Franklin Ave., Hollywood. (modern shooting from the back of the hall)

Doc sends Marty back to the future.

Final shots.

To be continued... Poster "Back to the Future 4" :)

See you in the future! Or in the past! :) Exactly!

And a little humor!

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