A man saved this puppy from drowning. Then he decided to do this...

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4 June 2017

Deputies with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office in Florida were returning from a call when they heard something that made them stop: an almost imperceptible whine coming from a drain. They found a puppy on the verge of drowning.

He had no home, and one of the officers saw a sign from above that they had found him, and immediately took him for himself.

Sheriff's deputies were talking about a call they had just been on when they heard a faint screeching sound coming from a vacant lot. Many people would simply ignore them, but not these guys.

James Gettings was one of the officers who found the small puppy struggling to stay afloat in the dirty drain. He was scared and exhausted, almost ready to give up when he was discovered...

They washed him several times and then tried to find his family.

But there seemed to be no one there, and Gettings decided that their meeting was divinely appointed.

So he took the baby home and aptly named him Puddle. Now he is growing up in comfortable conditions and does not need anything.

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