Actors of "Terminator": then and now (6 photos)

12 June 2015

There is not much time left before the release of Terminator Genisys. Its premiere is scheduled for the end of this month. Here, of the actors we know, we will see only Arnold Schwarzenegger, while the roles of other characters from the first parts of the film will go to other actors. Next, we offer a look at how the well-known actors of the old parts of “Terminator” have changed over the years.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton is also mostly known for James Cameron's two Terminator films. Before the first film, she was a young and aspiring actress; after its success, she starred in Black Moon Rising and King Kong Lives, as well as in the popular TV series Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman. The second "Terminator" made her a real star, but after it Hamilton worked only on television, making an exception for literally a few films - like the disaster film "Dante's Peak".

Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese

Michael Biehn played in the first "Terminator" the soldier from the future Kyle Reese, whom John Connor sent to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah Connor, from the Terminator; Sarah and Kyle fall in love and become parents to the leader of the resistance to the rise of the machines. Bean appeared once again as Reese in the extended director's cut of the second part; Before that, he starred in several more films by James Cameron - “Aliens”, “The Abyss”. But the actor was never able to build a meaningful career in cinema - he is still acting, his filmography includes about 100 films, but he appeared mostly only in supporting roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator T-800

Arnold Schwarzenegger's career did not depend on Terminators; in the 80s and 90s he played in many very high-quality action films, but it was the role of the iron cyborg that became his calling card. Even when Schwarzenegger was governor of California, the media called him nothing more than “The Governator” (a synthesis of the English words “governor” and “terminator”). True, his return to his acting career after two terms in politics did not turn out to be triumphant - films with his participation failed at the box office one after another. And then Iron Arnie decided to remember his roots: he accepted the offer to play the T-800 again and is seriously considering a sequel to “Twins,” in which his and Danny DeVito’s characters will find a third brother played by Eddie Murphy.

Edward Furlong as John Connor

Edward Furlong entered the second film of the saga as a 13-year-old teenager and played the future resistance leader John Connor. He worked in films throughout the 90s, starring in “American Heart” with Jeff Bridges, in “Little Odessa” with Tim Roth, and in “American History X” with Edward Norton. But he was never able to come to the fore - not a single film with his participation became a hit, he began to have problems with alcohol and drugs, and his roles became fewer and fewer. He was not invited to either the third or fourth film in the franchise, although it was there that the adult John Connor was the main character. In "Rise of the Machines" this role was played by Nick Stahl, in "Let the Savior Come" by Christian Bale. Furlong was also left out of the fifth film.

Robert Patrick as Terminator T-1000

Robert Patrick appeared only in the second film, but he took full advantage of the fame that had come to him. He did not strive for leading roles, he starred a lot in action films, and played one of the central characters in The X-Files. In total, his filmography includes about 140 films; He is currently starring in the CBS drama series Scorpio.

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