One of the most dangerous beer openers

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9 July 2024

An American man opened a friend's can of beer with the teeth of a live alligator. The moment was caught on video.

A resident of the US state of Florida found a way to open a can of beer with the teeth of a live alligator and was caught on video.

The man was relaxing with friends on a boat and decided to use one of the most dangerous predators as an opener. In the video, the man calls the alligator to the edge of the boat, grabs the reptile's head and pierces the can against its sharp teeth. To the cheers of his friends, the daredevil gives the beer to one of them. He empties the can, pouring some of the beer on his head.

Although the men on the boat were not injured in the end, The New York Post, citing experts, recalled that alligators are not harmless. They usually avoid people, but may attack if they feel threatened. The publication also noted that Florida state laws prohibit harming and feeding alligators.

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