A man in China sued for the right to park his son's toy cars (3 photos)

6 July 2024

A man surnamed Zhang from Zhejiang Province purchased three underground parking spaces at the same time as purchasing an apartment. Since the seats were unoccupied for a long time, other motorists in the densely populated residential complex periodically occupied them.

Zhang found an unusual way to solve this problem and parked his son's expensive toy cars there. Neighbors did not appreciate the move and complained to the management company, calling Zhang’s actions “selfish” and “wasteful.” As a result, the management company ordered the security guards to throw away the cars.

However, the cars turned out to be not ordinary, but limited edition and were valued by the court at 60 thousand yuan. Zhang won the case. In the future, he will be able to freely use his parking spaces.

Online, some criticized Zhang for demanding such a large sum from the guards, while others supported him, calling the company's actions completely absurd.

And who is right here?

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