A selection of unusual photographs from the USA (21 photos)

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6 July 2024

I present to you a selection of interesting photographs from the USA that were taken throughout the twentieth century. All photographs are colored.

Henry Ford driving one of his first cars in 1905

At that time, the American industrialist did not even imagine that he would create a huge automobile company that would be known throughout the world.

In 1896, he made his first gasoline-powered automobile, and in 1903 he founded the Ford Motor Company, which quickly became a leader in the automobile industry through assembly line assembly.

His most famous car, the Model T, was introduced in 1908 and became very popular.

Madsen raises his hat to welcome Barbara Carlson in Santa Monica, California. 1932

Cowboy Madsen (height 2.29 m) had the nickname “Texas”, although he was born in Nebraska. He was quite popular and was shown at fairs and attractions, and Ralph also starred in several films as giants.

Hidden cache in a truck, 1920s

Federal agents search a liquor truck disguised as a lumber delivery truck.

Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse near his studio. Los Angeles, 1931

Walt Disney was a true American icon, a visionary who revolutionized the world of entertainment and animation. His legacy continues to captivate audiences of all ages, reaching new generations.

A girl dressed as an egg during a Halloween celebration, Nashville 1911

Humpty Dumpty costume.

New York, 1937

The picture shows the ocean liner Queen Mary, which was built in the first half of the thirties of the last century, at the height of the global economic crisis.

William A. Davidson and William S. Harley show their catch on Pine Lake in 1924

William Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson loved fishing, but they had to travel far, and it was hard to carry the catch - this forced them to improve their bicycles by attaching motors to them. This is how the history of the famous company “Harley-Davidson” began (crossed names of two best friends).

William English demonstrates the first computer mouse. USA, 1968

He was a computer engineer and one of the creators of the computer mouse.

Mobile store, Brooklyn, New York, 1936

You can try to hear the sound of this store when it rolls it to the next parking lot in the morning.

Drying a flooded library in 1951. USA, 1951

The library was flooded after a huge fire was extinguished in Lansing, Michigan. It took librarians a lot of time to dry the surviving books and documents.

A giant enjoying a cigar and beer in New York, 1908

Another giant comes from the USA; unfortunately, more detailed information about him could not be found.

Truck crash in Boston, 1952

US scientists tracking the trajectory of the Soviet Sputnik, 1962

Bank vault door

New National Bank vault door in Chicago that weighs 30 tons. Illinois, USA, 1923.

Messenger boy. Texas, 1913

Such a colorful young man, in boots and a tie.

A girl looks out the window of her primitive cabin in Alabama, 1937.

Mobile 9.5-inch Zeiss refractor (California, 1933)

It’s not very clear how the lenses didn’t break due to shaking and what can be seen on such a sunny day?

In a New York barbershop, 1927

Pictured is Miss Jean Devereux, the first licensed female hairdresser.

General Patton's dog on the day of his death, December 21, 1945

On December 9, 1945, the day before his scheduled return to California, the general was involved in a car accident. This general was not remembered for anything good in relation to our country, but it’s a pity for the dog.

Fashionistas of the 1920s

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