TOP 10 most evil cat breeds (10 photos)

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21 June 2024

We invite you to take a look at the cat breeds that, according to generally accepted opinion, are the nastiest cat breeds. If anything happens, you can shout from the doorway “the rating is nonsense, my cat is the kindest.” We don't judge. But let us note that we are not talking about the fact that a cat can gnaw your carotid artery in your sleep. This refers to the complex nature of the cat and its tendency to behave aggressively. But if you managed to find a common language with your cat, that’s great. So, let's see which cats need a special approach.

Turkish van

This breed requires a lot of attention from its owners because they like to be pampered and cherished in every possible way. But if this cat is neglected, it can become aggressive towards other pets or even people in your home. The Turkish Van does not forgive being ignored; he is not created to wander alone for a long time.


These cats get along well with children and other pets such as dogs or even birds. But they like to be an absolute priority. In addition, these cats are very smart and love to get into trouble just for fun, to test their intelligence and how strong their owner's nerves are.


The Korat is a rare breed of cat that loves to bask in human attention. If the cat doesn’t get it, she will demand it, doing it quite aggressively and persistently. The cat may grab your hands, bite and scratch, trying to lure you into play.

Egyptian Mau

If you want a dog-like cat, the Egyptian Mau is the cat for you. This is an extremely smart cat that understands everything literally, but if you do not find a way to properly interact with it, it will reject you in every possible way, disobey you and, if possible, lash out at the moment when you least expect it.

Scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold cats require a lot of attention, so if you don't plan to spend enough time with them, you may have problems. Thus, an animal that does not receive enough love from its owner becomes distant, withdrawn and touchy.

Somali cat

One of the most dominant breeds among domestic cats. If the owner does not establish himself as a leader, the pet will quickly become arrogant and aggressive towards other pets or even people.


Pixiebob has a feral cat ancestry and is more prone to aggression because of this. These cats love to hunt and stalk, and without proper socialization they can bite or scratch severely. However, if you socialize them correctly, they will become fun and playful cats. A sufficient number of toys and active games help calm down pronounced hunting instincts.

Bombay cat

Bombay cats are very dependent on the attention of their owners. They are also very jealous and do not like to share their person with anyone else.


Sphinxes do not tolerate any competition well. They are unconditionally confident that only their royal person is worthy of their master’s love. To avoid unpleasant moments associated with aggression, try to socialize the sphinx from early childhood, introducing it to joint games with other animals and people.

Siamese cat

Siamese cats can be loving if you socialize and raise them properly. But potentially these are extremely aggressive territorial animals that do not like to be disturbed over trifles or touched for no reason. Another distinctive feature of the Siamese is jealousy. Therefore, the best thing you can do to keep them from spoiling their character is to provide them with plenty of attention and love throughout their lives.

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