How a Japanese man made giant fingers his signature feature (6 photos + 1 video)

21 June 2024

Such fingers are a genetic disease called pachydermoperiostosis, in which the tips of your fingers swell until they become almost the size of ping-pong balls. It looks quite scary, reminiscent of a breed of toad, but a young guy from Japan was able to turn his illness into success.

Who benefits from such fingers?

Shogo Yoshido from Nagoya works as a hairdresser and is often featured on social media, where he is nicknamed "Mr. Drum Fingers." He doesn’t always receive positive feedback; people often write to him about how ugly it is. And in general, it’s a shame to expose your ugliness and disability like that.

Really like ping pong balls

But the guy has the strength of character to remain positive. After all, he has had this since school, since puberty. And for the first time his fingers became different from the fingers of other children back in elementary school

Because he knew that nothing would change in the future. Therefore, he had to plan his future, knowing how different he was from everyone else. He began to publish his fingers on social networks himself to get rid of his fear of people.

He himself is handsome, stylish, and even has a fang sticking out - this is wildly fashionable among young people in Japan

Moreover, it is more difficult for him to do almost all everyday tasks - take scissors, open small fasteners, and practically no gloves fit, he has to wear mittens.

And suddenly he discovered his talent.

When Sego worked part-time at a hair salon in high school, he was told that he was very talented at giving scalp massages. And people began to recognize him not only by his creepy fingers, but by how well he gave a massage the last time.

The best hair washing massage ever

This touched Sego’s heart, and so he decided on his future profession. He became a hairdresser, although he still struggles with small scissors.

But he never stops receiving customers thanks to very popular social networks. There he shows how he makes a funky manicure for his giant fingers, or demonstrates how he can give a massage.

Shows off his cool new manicure that focuses attention on his hands

He has gradually become one of the most sought-after hairdressers in Nagoya, and is not shy about gaining popularity due to his strange fingers. In the end, after a haircut, no one actually complains about the hairstyle, which means it works well.

For Japan, this is a very therapeutic story, where standing out from others is often like death. And anyone who is not like everyone else is bullied by their own classmates, even from exemplary families.

In fact, this disease has different formations, here the phalanges of the fingers are swollen at the base

And each such case with a black sheep, not just on weekends in Shibue, but on a regular basis showing its oddities, but fitting perfectly into society, is a real breath of fresh air for the social environment of Japan.

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