23 pairs of twins graduated from the same school (2 photos + 1 video)

The school principal said it was a fun experience.

23 pairs of twins attended the graduation ceremony of Pollard High School (Massachusetts, USA). According to local officials, this is perhaps the largest number of twins graduating from one educational institution in their state.

"We usually have between five and 10 pairs of these kids, but 23... That's a tenth of the school's 454 students. We have a lot of fun here," says Tamata Bibbo, who has been the school's principal for 10 years.

According to her, students with similar appearance did not cause much confusion in the class, since not all of them are identical.

Brothers Cal and Owen Hammerstrand are also surprised.

"Cal had six pairs of these kids in one class. It was really funny just looking around and seeing so many twins in one place," Owen said.

Sisters Michelle and Nicole Stifman say one of their favorite pastimes is pranking their friends and teachers.

“For example, on April Fool’s Day we switch classes, and we think it works,” admits Michelle.

“I like that it’s like we’re one person. We have a lot of common interests and never get bored when we’re together,” adds Nicole.

Parents of unique children checked the data from the Guinness Book of Records. As it turned out, the current record for the number of pairs of twins in one class is about 40, but the result of this school is also impressive.

By the way, according to the US National Center for Health Statistics, twins make up about 3% of newborns in this country.

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