In a German city, local residents decided to kill all the pigeons (4 photos)

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17 June 2024

Practice shows that destroying the population does not solve the problem.

In the city of Limburg an der Lahn, Germany, most local residents decided to get rid of pigeons in the city by destroying them all. It all started with the city council deciding to reduce the number of pigeons. This task was set before the falconer. However, animal rights activists came to the protection of the birds. Then the fate of the pigeons was left in the hands of the townspeople, reports the Euronews portal with reference to Der Spiegel.

The referendum took place on June 9. Oddly enough, 53% of local residents voted for the destruction of the population (7530 people). Now the falconer must get rid of the birds.

"Today's result was unpredictable for us. Residents exercised their right and decided that the animals should be euthanized," Mayor Marius Hahn (SPD) told a German news site.

Pigeons in Europe are a real scourge. They have been fighting against them for a long time, but it is simply impossible to destroy these birds at the root. The population is recovering very quickly, because pigeons live in almost all cities of Eurasia. Thus, in the city of Basel, Switzerland, from 1961 to 1985, about 100 thousand birds were exterminated annually, but in the end the population remained the same.

Pigeons, despite their harmlessness, are quite dangerous. They carry deadly diseases and viruses. In addition, pigeons carry pigeon mites and fleas.

“Pigeons can be carriers of infections because they interact with landfills and garbage dumps. They can simply carry the bacteria that live in these places on their paws, on their beak, on their plumage. These are simply, so to speak, “diseases of unwashed hands.” This is dysentery, maybe some more dangerous infections. In this regard, pigeons can be banal carriers of diseases that are not initially associated with birds,” Sergei Chudakov, head of the “Preventive Medicine” department at NTI HealthNet, candidate of medical sciences, told RIA Novosti.

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