Lioness teaches her cubs to climb a tree

29 May 2024

Tourists in South Africa witness a fascinating lesson from a lion family

Tourists with a guide managed to capture a touching scene in the Mala Mala Game Reserve, which is located on the territory of the South African Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

The guides knew that one of the local lionesses had recently given birth, but at first no one specifically tried to look for her and her offspring. However, later the predator herself gave the opportunity to admire her cubs. While walking with a group of tourists, the guide heard the call of a mother lioness. Going towards the sound, they noticed tiny lion cubs playing with each other in the grass. Their mother climbed onto a low tree trunk, surveying the surroundings and looking down at the cubs.

The lion cubs ran briskly around the tree, glancing at their mother and briefly talking to her, while she was clearly trying to lure them up to her. For the little ones, with their tiny paws and childish clumsiness, this must have seemed like an impossible task. Finally, one of the kittens plucked up courage and began to climb up the tree trunk, tenaciously moving its paws and digging its claws into the bark to stay in place and not fall.

When the proud lion cub reached his mother, she approvingly and tenderly rubbed her muzzle against his own and licked the baby. Seeing this, the brothers and sisters of the bravest son also rushed to climb up.

However, no other lion cub could go as far as the very first one. But the lioness, clearly satisfied, eventually jumped down - she showed her cubs that they should not be afraid of new heights, and allowed them to learn a new skill. This will definitely come in handy in the future!

29 May 2024
Дуже красиво та чарівно!
29 May 2024
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Цікаво, з якої відстані це знімали і на яку оптику? Чи сталеві яйця у автора відео?
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