A huge traffic jam of climbers has formed on Everest (4 photos + 1 video)

27 May 2024

Traffic jams occur not only on the roads of big and small cities, but also in the most unsuitable place for this - on a narrow icy path in the mountains. The world's media and social networks are today publishing unusual footage from the slopes of the highest mountain in the world - Everest. They show a gigantic queue of climbers wanting to conquer this peak.

A large traffic jam has formed on the highest mountain in the world. There was a huge line of people dreaming of conquering the summit of Everest. People rushed to the mountains, since now is one of the most favorable times of the year, when there are “windows” with clear weather, because at other times strong winds blow, exceeding 80 m/s.

However, narrow paths in the snow are not always able to withstand such a load. The other day, a snow cornice collapsed, unable to withstand the weight of hundreds of climbers, and several people fell down. Most managed to get out, but 40-year-old Dan Paterson and one of the guides are still listed as missing.

Long queues are also dangerous because at high altitudes climbers require additional oxygen. Its shortage is one of the main causes of death in the so-called “death zone”, located at an altitude of 8000 m above sea level. When people have to wait a long time, they risk running out of oxygen on the way down.

Climbing Everest has long been a bucket list item for wealthy adventurers, costing upwards of $50,000 per person. However, with many people now making such attempts every season, Everest has become a crowded tourist attraction full of obstacles and delays.

The death toll on Everest this season has already reached at least four people.

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