In marriage, only the woman’s happiness affects happiness (1 photo)

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27 May 2024

Opposites attract, but do not get along in marriage, and happiness in a couple is influenced only by the happiness of the woman - these are the conclusions of a new global study of relations between men and women, conducted by the International Institute of Psychosomatic Health.

A global two-year study of relationships between men and women was conducted by the International Institute of Psychosomatic Health. It involved couples who had been married or cohabiting for four years or more.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that couples in which the woman is happy with everything most often consider themselves happy, and the man’s condition does not particularly affect the family atmosphere.

It also turned out that happy and long marriages usually occur with partners with similar personalities. Emotionally labile women are more often dissatisfied with their partners, but if they find themselves in a relationship with a similar man, their satisfaction increases sharply.

And individualistic women are happy in 99.5% of cases with individualistic men. The situation is similar for pedantic and persistent women: they need the same partners

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