In Thai gynecology, women are given carnival masks (6 photos)

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27 May 2024

Looks like Alcoholics Anonymous. Or a meeting of witnesses in a political case who want to remain unrecognized. Or a meeting of victims of violence to make it easier for them to talk about their trauma.

And if they could hand out Anonymous masks there, that would be surreal!

In general, I would never have guessed even the hundredth time that these were photographs from the gynecology department in a simple hospital in Thailand! And all because the Gynecology Department of Nong Krot Hospital in Kamphaeng Phet province decided in this way the issue of women refusing to undergo examination.

Why do they all need masks there!?

Because women could not afford to undergo a Pap smear as it was too intimate.

This is a smear test to detect abnormal cells in the cervix that can lead to cervical cancer. Naturally, it is taken directly from there using a long brush. For women from the provinces, it is a shame and dishonor to allow some man to push something into them.

This is some kind of commedia dell'arte!

But they understand the importance of the test and health. And the hospital solved the problem of shame for them in such an original way. Moreover, they brought masks, whichever one found, some for playing mafia, some for carnival New Year’s, it’s fun to watch!

There is no question of any anonymity; all women show their documents so that later they can be given test results. The main thing for them is to hide their face so as not to burn with shame in front of their friends and the doctor himself.

As you can see, for doctors it is hilarious and fun. Such feathers! And in the green gynecologist

TV show inspiration

Doctors were often faced with refusals to take such a test, even if it was provided free of charge as part of a government campaign. And when they found out the reasons, they could not find a solution, except for constant persuasion that this was for the woman’s health, and it was better for her.

But then one nurse suggested doing it like in her favorite show “The Masked Singer” (we also have something similar, but in a full-length suit).

The thoughtful granny in the last row makes me laugh!

Surprisingly, the influx of women for testing increased significantly when they were given masks upon entry.

The staff, by the way, also wear masks so that their patients do not feel embarrassed. It's more fun for the nurse, less routine - more carnival at work!

And no one scolded them for violating sanitary standards. Subdistrict Governor Suwan Supakiychareon called this initiative a great success when he saw HOW MANY women passed the tests after such an innovation.

What is this - a DEMON MASK? Stop my screaming!

True, photographs of such a meeting of anonymous cervical cancer test takers very quickly spread across social networks. So not everyone was able to remain anonymous. But everyone in the country learned about such a state program better than through government notifications.

It looks funny, but if it works, then it's rather genius.

The mask has such sharp features, it’s a little scary

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