The strangest waiters in Thailand (5 photos + 1 video)

24 May 2024

How about having your food brought to your table by a screaming hunk in a woman's negligee? Meanwhile, in Thailand this is a typical Friday evening in a restaurant.

In the center he doesn’t look like a pitcher at all. Intern, probably

The open-air cafe in Bangkok quickly became famous for its hyper-weird waiter concept.

In Thailand, morals are even looser, which is why only muscular men are hired as waiters who are willing to work in a skirt, peignoir, or in general any revealing women's clothing.

Eh, expensive entertainment

They work at the Staneemeehoi restaurant, where they serve all kinds of shellfish with different sauces. That’s why the prices here are quite high, but people come in droves.

These men are girls at their best. Or vice versa?

That's because the team of waiters there is crazy and fun, it's a real show. They squeal like high school girls, pout and flirt like teenagers.

You look at them and experience constant cognitive dissonance. As expected, the restaurant owner also used to be a bodybuilder, but by the age of 35 he decided to start his own business. He didn’t have any special advantages or recipes, so he decided to take advantage of the people with what he could.

Beach bag outfits. Seems. You can't be sure of anything in our world.

It took a month to prepare the kitchen, so the recipes here are not exactly unique. There are plenty of other seafood restaurants in Bangkok, but when customers look at the waiters, they forget whether it was tasty or not. They were interested.

The main goal was to make people laugh, and his jock friends advised him on the obvious option. Men in girls' clothes - it's so funny! And without complexes, it is very liberating for visitors.

This is the simplest thing, but how the artists act

Almost went down the drain

The owner Virasak Maesa himself admits that in the first month he was on the verge of ruin. He has an open-air cafe, and in the month of opening it rained incessantly, and there were almost no visitors.

But as soon as the rains stopped, the pitching shone in all its splendor. Viral videos on social networks helped a lot.

There were also dozens of people who wanted to accuse the waiters of sexism, but I don’t share this opinion. The test of a joke is whether it is funny or not. And if everyone laughs, this is the best proof of its relevance.

The restaurant has already been inundated with requests to open a franchise. But Virasaka himself refuses and does not believe that this unique restaurant can be repeated. After all, the waiters are so cheerful because they themselves suggested such outfits. They are also real friends, so they have fun fooling around at work.

As you can see, there is no ceiling here. It’s good in Thailand, put tables anywhere and here’s a restaurant for you

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