“In excellent condition”: a feather from an extinct bird sold for a record amount (2 photos + 1 video)

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24 May 2024

Huia birds were considered sacred by the Maori people, and their feathers adorned the headdresses of chiefs and their families. They were last seen in 1907.

New Zealand auction house Webb's said a single feather from the extinct Huia bird has become the world's most expensive feather after it sold for $28,417.

Webb's said the feather was expected to sell for up to $1,800, but it beat expectations as well as the previous record, which was set by a bird of the same species when it sold for $5,150 in 2010. year.

The huia bird was considered sacred by the Maori people, and its feathers adorned the headdresses of chiefs and their families. The last confirmed sighting occurred in 1907, although various unconfirmed cases were reported over the next 30 years.

“We are delighted that this rare piece of natural history has attracted such great interest from buyers, highlighting the fragility of our ecosystem and the importance of caring for its fauna,” said Leah Morris, head of decorative arts at Webb's.

The woman told the media that the feather was in excellent condition.

“It retained a distinct shine and showed no insect damage,” she added.

The feather was registered as part of a program to protect sites of cultural significance to the Maori people. Under the program, all bidders must be registered collectors and the feather cannot be taken outside New Zealand without written permission from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

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