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16 May 2024

These could have been the most ordinary and unremarkable photographs, but Mrs. “chance” decided otherwise. The result is funny, spectacular and unique shots that you definitely won’t want to remove from your gallery. Let's take a look at some cool photos taken at just the right moment.

The surfer got wings

Fish, man, dog

A yawn could have ruined this shot, but the bird decided to make it unique

The lamppost exploded just as I was taking a photo of the sign.

Photographer Debbie Parker captured the moment lightning struck a tree.

This sweet-natured dachshund was not prepared for the chicken to bite her tongue

A little winter fun

This bird selfie looks dramatic

This photo was taken at the parade at the moment when the antifreeze exploded in this car.

My kitten runs into a box trying to get out of a small hole.

The photo for a long memory turned into a photo “one second before”

I picked up a frog from the ground and showed it to this little boy

A cat slides off the wall in the style of Renaissance paintings

Thank you, that's enough

Butterfly on top of Mount Rainier

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