A Los Angeles resident has a wild uninvited guest (9 photos + 1 video)

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16 May 2024

Corinna Bubenheim, who lives in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles, USA), is one of the suspense heroines you are about to see. And the main character is a mountain lion, or puma. The big wild cat that Corinna discovered in a tree in her yard looks surprised: why all the fuss? After all, she just dropped by for a visit!

The woman said that her German shepherds were the first to notice the uninvited guest - they began to rush around the avocado tree in the yard and show concern. Corinna expected to see a regular squirrel there, or at most a possum. And she was shocked to notice a pair of large furry paws in the foliage...

“I thought the dogs were making noise because of the squirrel. Or a possum. Then she looked up and saw large claws and fur. For a second the thought flashed that this was a large animal like a German shepherd... But dogs don’t climb trees.”

Shock turned to awe as the woman saw a majestic mountain lion watching her from above.

The animal was resting peacefully in an avocado tree near the intersection of Woodlake Avenue and Mariano Street. It was somewhere around two o'clock in the afternoon. The cougar then came down from the tree and walked towards the lake, which is located behind the house.

Mountain lions are not common in the area.

Los Angeles Animal Control sent officers to patrol the area and warn all residents as a precaution.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) projected the California mountain lion population to be around 6,000 at the start of the year. However, according to scientists, in reality this number is much lower - from 3,200 to 4,500 individuals.

Data for quantification were obtained using GPS collars and genetic information from shoreline samples. With their help, scientists compared populations in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Mojave Desert and the wilderness of Southern California.

It turned out that the density of the puma population is highest in the coastal forests of Humboldt and Mendocino counties in northwestern California. The lowest is in the high desert east of the Sierra Nevada range in Inyo County, California. Cougars are not found in the Central Valley and parts of the Mojave Desert.

The first mountain lion attack in twenty years occurred a few months ago, in March 2024, in rural California. The attack left one person dead and another injured.

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