New York and Dublin were connected through a “portal” - and people have already managed to ruin everything (8 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Last week, a 24-hour virtual bridge, or “portal,” was installed between New York and Dublin, Ireland. Everything started well: at first, residents of the two countries exchanged greetings and communicated online, and then the completely expected happened - people began to do obscene things in front of the portal.

Last week, on May 8, “portals,” or 24-hour virtual video bridges, were installed in Dublin (Ireland) and New York (USA). This was done as part of an art project so that residents of the two countries could communicate more online and learn about each other’s lives. When the portal opened, crowds of people from both countries gathered around it with signs saying "Greetings from New York" and "Welcome to Dublin!" But almost immediately there were those who did not care about the noble intentions of the project’s creators.

There are many videos on social networks in which hooligans expose their butts to residents of another country, others, for example, show a phone with an image of the burning twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11. In New York, a local resident, intoxicated, rubbed herself against the screen and had to be pulled away by police. Another man drew a swastika on his phone and gave viewers in another country the middle finger.

The portals will remain open until the fall - but at the current rate, they will probably be closed earlier. Here's what the project's creators write about them:

"Portals are an invitation to meet people from other countries, transcending borders and differences, and to experience our world as it really is - united and whole. Live broadcast opens a window between places far from each other, allowing people to meet beyond their cultures."

17 May 2024
А нам брешуть що там живуть "високорозвинені люди".
19 May 2024
Так. Перспективу можна було зробити з нормального ракурсу. Сучасні технології дозволяють встановити заекранні камери, що збільшило б реалістичність телемосту. А так, ви дивитесь на маківкі людей, які дивляться на ваш пах, дорога іде в небо. Це ж не складно було зробити нормально. Хоча б не задирати екрани на таку висоту.
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