A family of marmots has been thriving in a farmer’s garden for 6 years (3 photos + 2 videos)

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7 May 2024

If the harvest in your garden begins to disappear, then you are unlikely to have a positive attitude towards the thief. What if it's a cute groundhog?

Six years ago, Jeff began noticing that the vegetables he grew for himself, his friends and family were constantly showing teeth marks. Of course, the man didn’t like this, so he installed a surveillance camera to see who was stealing and biting his fruits and vegetables.

Soon after this, his phone received an alarm from the cameras (the motion sensors were activated). As Jeff looked, a groundhog appeared in front of his camera, seemingly out of nowhere, munching on vegetables. The animal clearly did not feel any remorse and looked as if this garden was his property!

Jeff immediately began thinking of ways to stop the groundhog from stealing his crops. But, despite everything, the groundhog appeared right in front of the camera every time, enjoying the vegetables. It was as if he knew that the man was watching him! The animal happily dug its teeth into the vegetables. Jeff gave up the moment the groundhog ate the big juicy tomato he had saved for himself.

Thus began the story of friendship! At that moment, the man realized that it was stupid to fight with an animal, it was better to benefit from it. So he started posting videos of the animal online. The marmot also came up with it - Chunk!

One day Chunk brought his friend Nibbles to the garden. At this moment, Jeff noticed that his harvest was rapidly decreasing, but there was nothing to do, because Chunk was already accustomed to these places. However, a year later, the man saw that the marmots had cubs! Then he realized that his animal neighbors would need their own vegetable garden.

That's what Jeff and his family did - they created a mini garden for groundhogs, where the animals have been thriving for six years!

Now animals bring nothing but joy to Jeff and his family. Jeff says it's already part of the family. Now that Chunk has so many fans, Jeff plans to write a children's book about the groundhog because fans can't get enough of the Chunk videos online!

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