The longest-suffering patient with COVID-19 has died in the Netherlands (3 photos)

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22 April 2024

The man contracted the infection back in February 2022, and during this time the virus in his body mutated 50 times.

The 72-year-old Dutchman was ill for 613 days and, as a result, his body simply could not withstand such a load.

Doctors say this is the longest time anyone has been infected with the virus.

During this time, the disease mutated into a unique new variant that has baffled medical researchers.

And before the man caught the coronavirus, he was already suffering from a blood disease and all the vaccines he received against the coronavirus simply could not develop immunity in him. And what’s most interesting is that after conducting numerous tests, doctors found that the final form of the virus had become resistant to all drugs used to treat the disease. The virus went through 50 mutations, including some that suggested an increased ability to evade immune defenses.

The patient's immune system was unable to produce enough white blood cells or antibodies to fight the virus, despite repeated doses of the vaccine.

Scientists say that the mutated Frankenstein-style variant has infected other people, and the “duration of the disease in this case is extreme.”

Scientists studying genomic data in wastewater also found evidence that people in the US had been sickened by highly mutated coronaviruses for more than four years but didn't know it.

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