30 strangest mail items (31 photos)

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11 April 2024

Parents tirelessly tell their children: “Don’t accept gifts from strangers.” But what if you receive an email or an unexpected package addressed to you? Of course, home delivery services for groceries and goods are in great demand, and sometimes couriers make mistakes. And there are many such cases in this collection.

1. “This came in the mail today, but I didn’t place an order.”

"I ordered some books for college but got this instead."

2. "My friend's dad got this from a children's charity."

3. "I received it a few days after Valentine's Day."

“The shipment was addressed to me, there is no return address. The box was sealed, I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I opened it with a knife (I hope I’m not cursed). Inside was a box with a wooden heart.”

4. “Someone left a package on my doorstep and this was inside.”

5. “A stranger sent me hair from her head, eyebrows, arms, toes and pubic area. The letter is in Swedish.”

6. "Hi Tammy. How do you sleep at night?"

7. "It's not a bomb"

8. Strange package

"Singed sage, a doll and an old photograph of an old woman. No return address, no friends or family admitting to sending it. A prank?"

9. “I received this message while sitting on the toilet.”

"Need toilet paper? Don't ask how we knew."

10. It's unlikely to be paint.

11. “Don’t leave the window open. You might feel bad or worse. Are you ready? Good night.”

12. Ordered an energy drink and received a bag of hair

“Thank you for becoming one of Orka’s first customers. As a sign of gratitude, we collected and packaged a hair from each of the company’s founders.”

13. “A few months ago I ordered a pair of old military boots, and inside the boot was a training hand grenade.”

14. My ex sent me some beard hair.

"Baby, I thought you missed my beard."

15. "Honey, I see you naked. You will die tomorrow morning. Death."

16. An unknown person sent dolls

17. “My grandparents asked me to pick up their mail while they were on vacation.”

"Smart cremation".

18. “I received a stuffed animal the other day. I don’t know who sent it.”

19. “Tomorrow is my birthday, and an unknown person sent me this bust.”

20. “Thinking about you” and nails in a bag

21. Just a bag with small dolls

22. The courier rang the doorbell and immediately ran away

"The phone probably belonged to the criminals. So they decided to get rid of it."

23. Live bees directly by mail

24. "I received a creepy letter. What does the card with the moon and crows mean?"

25. “I just received this in the mail. I have no idea who the sender is and I’m afraid to listen.”

26. "Your ticket to heaven. B.O.G"

27. Snake in the mailbox

28. Bloody tooth on the parcel

29. "Received from an anonymous person. Seems to be handmade"

30. Another gift from a stranger

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