Didn't show up: 10 dog breeds that, according to ordinary people, are the ugliest (11 photos)

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11 April 2024

How many dog breeds do you know? 20, 30, or maybe even 40? In fact, there are currently about 400 breeds. Some of them are known all over the world, while others are known only within the countries where they were bred.

The organization Puppies.co.uk set out on a strange mission and decided to find out which dog breeds people consider the ugliest. To do this, they conducted their own research on the Internet and compiled a list of breeds that users sympathize with the least.

Nivern Griffon - 10th place

Number of points: 3,216

The Puppies.co.uk team examined thousands of posts on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) dating back to 2018. The researchers then selected the most frequently mentioned dog breeds and carried out calculations based on the loyalty index. The breed that scored the most points was considered the most unfortunate in appearance. The maximum possible score is 5.

English Bulldog - 9th place

Number of points: 3.24

The calculations took into account not only the written opinions of people, but also keywords, emoticons, as well as reactions containing a negative connotation towards a particular breed of dog.

Bedlington Terrier – 8th place

Number of points: 3.26

Bergamasco Shepherd – 7th place

Number of points: 3.31

Peruvian Inca Orchid - 6th place

Number of points: 3.43

Irish Wolfhound - 5th place

Number of points: 3.46

Brussels Griffon - 4th place

Number of points: 3.5

Deerhound - 3rd place

Number of points: 3.51

Gentle giants, often called the “royal dogs of Scotland,” occupy an honorable third place.

Bloodhound - 2nd place

Number of points: 4.13

Originally bred to hunt deer, hogs and rabbits, Bloodhounds came in second.

Pug - 1st place

Number of points: 4.19

Pugs have been voted the world's least lovable dog, according to a study by Puppies.co.uk. The breed, which has a recognizable wrinkled face and a funny curled tail, scored the maximum number of points.

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