Time flies: 30 touching photos of mature dogs (31 photos)

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2 April 2024

For us they are a page in life, and for them we are the whole life. Time flies very quickly, and unfortunately, our pets also grow extremely quickly. Photos from this collection clearly show this: in them, netizens shared how their pets have grown in a few years or months. Don't forget to hug your furbaby after watching.

1. Took it and grew!

2. Before and after

3. “Me and my best friend. I saved him from the street once, and thanks to him I found a feeling of “home”

4. Year difference

5. In the first photo the saffron milk cap is 8 weeks old, in the second photo it’s a year old

6. Ears remain large

7. The good girl has grown up!

8. The first photo is 2.5 months, the second is 2 years

9. Three months and seven months

10. “And he still looks at her with the same look...”

11. "Our boy has grown a little too"

12. “Our darling just turned 11 years old. She is just as cute as when she was a puppy.”

13. The difference between the photos is 10 months

14. “For me, he will always be the same as in the first photo.”

15. Six months and 16 months

16. The difference between the photos is 13 years

17. Someone has grown up - and is very proud of it

18. In the first photo - 2 months, in the second - 1.5 years

19. “Not much has changed in two years...”

20. Ten weeks vs. three years

21. Six years difference between photos

22. How lovely!

23. They grow up, but the madness never goes away

24. "My girl turned 14"

25. Little boy and big boy

26. How quickly our pets grow..

27. The first photo is 8 weeks, the second is 10 years

28. Three years difference

29. Good boy

30. Fluffy has grown up

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