Identical twins married identical twins and had 'quaternary twins' (3 photos)

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2 April 2024

Venessa and Keriisa Daprino never dreamed of dating another set of twins. However, when one of Venessa’s clients, who works as a fitness trainer, invited her to meet the twins from Washington, she did not refuse. Soon Lucas Silby called Venessa and invited her and her sister on a double date.

Venessa and Kerissa and Lucas and Jacob hit it off from the first night. Venessa immediately recognized a kindred spirit in Lucas and realized that she wanted to marry him. After the second date, Kerissa came to the same conclusion about Jacob. The feelings turned out to be mutual. Despite this synchronicity, the sisters did not want to have a joint wedding. Venessa and Lucas got married in October 2022, and Kerissa and Jacob got married in June 2023.

The couples moved into neighboring houses in Oregon and spend almost all their time together. Both couples had daughters, Adrienne and Sophie, 14 months apart. Even though the girls are cousins, they can technically be considered siblings because they share the same set of genes. The reason is that the fathers and mothers are identical twins. Biologists call such children “quaternary twins.”

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