Cool find in the jungle of Venezuela (15 photos)

2 April 2024

If you love ruins and all sorts of delicious abandoned places, Venezuela is definitely for you. There are so many interesting abandoned buildings of all kinds - from ghost villages to military installations and monster skyscrapers - that you won’t get bored.

At the same time, many abandoned objects are located in the jungle, which adds a cool ambience to them, which is also absent in the countries of the former USSR, which are rich in abandoned objects. Entwined with vines, overgrown with mosses and all kinds of vegetation, among which something sits, chirps, crawls or jumps...

Getting to many places, however, is quite long and difficult, plus unsafe, but this is just an adrenaline rush and is fully rewarded by what you see.

Below I want to show you just one of these places that the locals showed me in the jungle on the slopes of the Choroni ridge.

This is a small mountain hydroelectric power station on a mountain stream, abandoned back in the 50s, which provides electricity to the surrounding villages lost in the jungle, as well as cocoa-growing haciendas.

From the outside it is an unremarkable gray building. But if you go around on the other side and go inside, you will be delighted.

This is a machine room, which is surprisingly very well preserved.

This was facilitated by the absence of vandals cutting metal for scrap, as well as an even climate without temperature changes with frost.

View from the engineering balcony and from the floor level of the first tier.

Of course, the abandoned building is now being looked after. About ten years ago, everything inside was dirty and overgrown with creeping vines. But then parishioners took a fancy to the abandoned power plant and set up a religious Sunday school here.

They put the room in order, cleared out all the vegetation and dirt, painted the walls and floor where necessary, laid wooden flooring in damaged areas, and decorated the walls with images.

They conducted classes on the first tier. On the second tier, where the stairs in the photo lead, there is an office space.

Due to Covid, the school stopped operating and has not yet resumed. Therefore, dust and dirt have already returned to the office premises.

On tables and shelves you can see 50-year-old telephones, typewriters, books, and various office supplies.

Window to the courtyard. It was through him that I saw that female figure covered with moss, which you can see in the first photo.

And next to the figure on a concrete base is a huge and very impressive rusty turbine drive.

Just an ideal location for filming some horror.

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