Repair cats (25 photos)

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23 March 2024

To quickly change wallpaper, install a faucet or repair a computer, you don’t need to be a generalist.

And there is also no need to call other professionals for help and give honestly earned money for their services. It’s enough just to have a cat on the farm. The cat knows how everything should be. And it will definitely help. It is possible that it will do a little harm. But is this really important when the desire to help comes from the depths of a furry soul?

1. A good start is half the battle.

2. We’ll take a little nap and start knocking again

3. Fluffy foreman

4. What are we waiting for? I've already sealed the windows

5. It takes a couple of seconds to have a positive work attitude.

6. Proper preliminary preparation is important

7. The lukewarm one went

8. I was very tired - I dragged everything around

9. When is lunch already?

10. All you had to do was change the light bulb

11. Accurate calculation

12. Preliminary stage

13. I should have taken the big one

14. Master and tool with him

15. Hack workers and the result of their labors

16. If you don’t catch mice, support from below

17. Accepted everything on the list and released the loaders

18. Getting ready for the repair wave

19. Hard worker

20. Preparations have begun

21. A good craftsman needs a good tool

22. Help, don’t stand there like a pillar

23. Getting involved

24. People are not irreplaceable, but cats are!

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