Time Lords (25 photos)

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21 March 2024

The history of the familiar mechanism began in ancient times. In Europe, in the 16th century, the first watches in the usual sense appeared. Over the following centuries they have undergone many changes.

And although with the presence of gadgets, wall clocks and alarm clocks have somewhat lost their positions, they still remain an important component of life. Very important, because cats will not pay such close attention to various nonsense. And for furry ones, it is important to monitor the passage of time in order to clearly delineate the periods of sleep, eating and domestic pranks and outrages.

1. Waiting time

2. Time to turn back time

3. Breakfast time

4. Time for magic

5. Time to get naughty

6. Beauty time

7. Time for a nap

8. Time to reflect

9. Time to praise yourself

10. Time to get ready

11. Time for magical dreams

12. Time for cuteness

13. Time to turn everything upside down

14. Time for reflection

15. Time to rejoice

16. Time for the soul

17. Time for fluffy dreams

18. Time to dream

19. Time to make plans

20. Time to charm

21. Time to be lazy

22. Time to be naughty

23. Travel time

24. Time for everything

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