In Kentucky, a truck miraculously did not fall off a bridge

4 March 2024

The driver can safely celebrate his second birthday.

A terrible accident occurred yesterday around 12 noon on the Second Street Bridge, which connects Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana. Two cars, a pickup truck and a truck were damaged in the accident, and the latter almost fell off a huge bridge, but only miraculously got stuck in a fence, hanging over the water.

Rescuers arrived at the scene of the accident almost immediately, and according to them, the current situation was “the worst of all possible scenarios” and “such a case was the only one in their entire service.”


The truck was hanging too dangerously from the edge of the bridge, and in the cab there was a woman driver. It took rescue crews about 40 minutes to install the rope system and prepare a specialist to descend into the cabin, fasten the driver's seat belts and pull her out safely.

She is now in the hospital.


Two other people were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. They were both in the pickup truck that was involved in the accident. The police are now looking into the reasons and identifying those responsible for the accident.

The bridge is still closed to traffic.

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