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2 March 2024

In Alupka, community activists installed a three-story house for street cats and cats

“Today, on Cat Day, a wonderful project was launched in Yalta - “Cat House”! The first “residential house” for mustachioed homeless people was installed in Alupka,” wrote the head of the Yalta administration, Yanina Pavlenko, in her Telegram channel.

Local residents turned to the Alupka territorial agency with a request to help the animals, of which there are quite a lot on the streets - to keep them warm during the cold season, to provide a roof in the rain and to organize a place for feeding. The help center “Pereprava” responded to the request, and its clients approached the issue thoroughly and creatively. The carpentry shop produced a three-story, six-room house with a modern soft roof and a special impregnation of the “foundation” that protects it from moisture. It turned out great!

The head of "Perevy" Yuri Shurinov assured that they are ready to put the process on the conveyor - and to make shelters for all the mustachioed and striped ones who, by the will of fate, were left homeless.

I’m sure the residents of Yalta will like the idea - and they will help keep the “cat houses” and the surrounding area tidy and clean


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