12 interesting facts about Japanese apartments. Some of them seem amazing (20 photos)

2 March 2024

It's no secret that minimalism is very common in Japan. This also applies to apartments: as a rule, they are very small, and accordingly, all the rooms are also small. Despite this, the Japanese try to bring coziness and convenience to their homes, and they succeed very well!

Fact No. 1

Only the closest friends and relatives are invited to the house. And although the Japanese are very sociable and friendly, going to visit is an event.

Visiting someone at home is a serious matter, and if you are invited to visit, it is a sign of great trust and gratitude.

Fact No. 2

In a limited space you can’t really expand, so the wise Japanese use numerous storage systems, including open wall shelves, rails, etc.

All kinds of organizers are also used.

Fact No. 3

Tiny kitchens are the norm in Japan. You rarely see a dishwasher or oven here.

By the way, sinks have a special “grease trap” that needs to be cleaned regularly to remove unpleasant odors.

Fact No. 4

Combination of toilet and washbasin. The water immediately goes back into the barrel and is used again, because reasonable savings are very important here.

Fact No. 5

Many Japanese kitchens have additional storage space for food and various kitchen utensils.

Fact No. 6

Instead of pillows, the Japanese buy "bamboo wife" - a hollow wicker product that is comfortable to hug while sleeping. Air circulates inside, which promotes comfortable sleep. Such a thing is indispensable in the summer, because many Japanese do not have air conditioning.

Fact No. 7

Mattress instead of a bed. Many Japanese sleep on thin mattresses, which are put away in the closet in the morning. This way, the space is not occupied by a sofa or bed.

Even some hotels encourage guests to sleep on thin mattresses on the floor.

Fact No. 8

Shoes must be removed and slippers worn instead for guests.

Some apartments even have special slippers for going to the toilet.

Fact No. 9

Kotatsu table. This blanket heated table is very popular in Japan.

A fantastic solution for winter, especially considering the fact that central heating is not available everywhere.

If you remove the blanket, the kotatsu can be used as a regular coffee table.

Fact No. 10

Microwave instead of oven. The Japanese do not have enough space in the kitchen for a full-fledged oven, so instead they use a microwave with grill and convection.

Fact No. 11

These stands are a genius and important thing in Japan. This fastening helps prevent furniture from falling and breaking during earthquakes.

Fact No. 12

Taking a bath in Japan is somewhat different from around the world. In modern water supply systems, the water temperature is controlled by remote control, and after use it can be redirected to the washing machine or toilet.

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