Italian police are looking for a skier who chased a wolf on the piste for fun.

21 February 2024

Some man, while skiing in the Italian mountains, made a video of himself chasing a wolf that jumped onto the slope. As a result, the frightened animal, trying to escape, crashes into the safety net. Maybe this is funny to some, but the Italian police decided otherwise and began searching for the laughing skier.

The footage, taken by an unidentified skier on the Pampeago ski slope in Val di Fiemme, in the northern Italian province of Trentino, shows him speeding down the slope.

Then a wolf suddenly comes into view.

The animal runs as fast as it can, but the skier is faster and eventually catches up to it, forcing it to change direction at the last second and crash into the safety net at the bottom of the run.

The footage was widely publicized on the Internet, and Paolo Scarian, a wolf enthusiast and expert on the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa packs, immediately notified local foresters about the cruelty to the animal, local media reported.

The person who filmed the footage faces several years in prison, as well as a complaint to the Italian National Animal Protection Agency and the Trento prosecutor's office.

Police are searching for a man who laughed and chased a frightened wolf down a slope on his skis.

Judging by the video, the hunted wolf lost its footing and crashed into a net on a ski slope

Investigators are now going to the scene to determine whether the animal was injured and, if so, whether it died as a result of the incident.

If convicted of animal cruelty, the skier faces between three and 18 months in prison and a fine of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros.

If the animal dies as a result of an injury sustained during a collision with the protective net, the skier risks being found guilty of killing the animals. This crime carries a prison sentence of four to 24 months.

The investigation is ongoing.

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