15 interesting gizmos that have unexpected purposes (16 photos)

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19 February 2024

The industry of giving humanity interesting things that should improve or at least make our lives easier works continuously. Such innovations are especially valuable when they have some element of entertainment in the form of designer finds or general atypicality.

There are so many interesting little things for everyday use in the world that it is impossible to know about them all. Netizens who published these photos were surprised by what they saw, but is this familiar to you?

First time I saw this tool for keeping the box from closing

Very convenient when you need to pack something in it.

I have a mini whistle attached to my hiking backpack.

The door handle in the pediatrician's office is located higher to prevent children from escaping.

Severe, but extremely functional.

My daughter's toy laptop comes with this toy USB cable.

I ordered chicken legs at a restaurant and they gave me this branded keychain

I wonder what it feels like.

A staggering number of traffic lights on Las Vegas Boulevard

Anyone who's been there knows that intersection is a damn disaster.

Franklin Roosevelt's marble head used to make a dime

On the coin itself, which has been minted since 1946, the 32nd president is depicted in profile.

Covid vaccine in special resin packaging

Washing machine and dryer for sneakers installed in the laundry room

Seats for top officials in the private White House cinema

These steps in a Bangkok metro station tell you how many calories you burn walking up them

Dispenser without sharp edges for toilet paper

These people are placed in psychiatric institutions and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts.

Film "Dune: Part Two" for cinemas in IMAX format

It’s not even the size that’s surprising—you’ve probably just never seen films of modern films.

My kitchen faucet has a powerful stain remover.

It shoots out a high-pressure jet, and a cone of water forms around it, which blocks all splashes.

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