Geniuses of camouflage in green tones (30 photos)

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12 February 2024

The ability to blend into the surroundings in nature is an indicator of the highest level of professionalism.

But while some have to spend years learning, others are lucky enough to have such settings built into their genome from birth. In fact, the talents of tailed spies clearly demonstrate the truth of the statement: “A cat is a very strange object: it seems to be there, but it’s as if it’s not.”

1. Find the cat

2. The whole world is an illusion

3. Fascinating spot

4. Sniffing

5. Looked out for a second

6. Thoughtfulness

7. The magic of a look

8. Who are we in this green world?

9. Perfect camouflage

10. Green grass and a bright cat

11. There is absolutely no one here

12. Reflections

13. Finding the Lucky Four Leaf Leaf

14. It's just a trick of the light

15. Genius of disguise

16. This is earth

17. How beautiful this me is

18. Colors of summer

19. Fern flower

20. Bamboo cat

21. Are there mice?

22. You haven't seen me

23. Striped Grace

24. What does freedom smell like?

25. I sit deeply and look at the world

26. Tired of sitting in ambush

27. Green idyll

28. I'm going out

29. Mission accomplished

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