The first airmobile is launched in China (3 photos + 2 videos)

12 February 2024

While other companies are unveiling digital images of their models, Chinese companies are starting to build small electric fleets to fly.

From the first days of April, sales of the eHang EH 216-S flying aeromobile will start in China.

Manufacturers received permission to operate last year, and now they have announced the start date of sales and the price. Of course, in terms of elegance of shape and carrying capacity, the Chinese electric aircraft is far from its direct competitors Archer or Lilium, but it is eHang that is the first to enter mass production.


The electric cabin is designed to carry two people with a total weight of up to 240 kg, and its maximum speed is 130 km/h. A full charge should last for about 20 minutes of flight. The cost of this miracle will be 2.39 million yuan.

It is expected that the eHang EH 216-S will first be used in taxi services on popular tourist routes. But when ordinary people will be able to buy them is not yet clear, because normal operation requires a special infrastructure and an extensive network of control rooms to regulate flights.

The debut of this shaitan machine took place back in 2016 and since then the electric vehicle has undergone a large number of tests and proved its right to exist in an urban environment.

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