Workers found a lost diamond ring among a mountain of trash (4 photos)

6 February 2024

In the United States, workers at a recycling center dug through trash for hours to find a diamond ring that a woman accidentally dropped into a trash container.

On January 28, Melanie Harper of Greenville, South Carolina, was throwing away recyclables at a local recycling center when a ring slipped off her finger. A piece of white gold and diamond jewelry fell into a mountain of trash and was lost.

The woman wrote a letter to the city public works department, asking for help finding the ring. “I know that the likelihood of him being found is very low. But if it is found in the process of recycling garbage, I will be very grateful if someone contacts me,” the message said.

The next morning, the workers who came to pick up the garbage did not take it for recycling, but began searching for the lost jewelry. They poured the contents of the container onto the ground and began to carefully sort through it.

A few hours later, one of them found the ring and immediately contacted Harper. Soon the woman took away the valuable jewelry and thanked everyone who took part in its search. The workers also received praise from netizens who learned about their action. “What a wonderful act of kindness and what hard work! Thanks for everything you do. I’m proud of you!” — wrote one of the commentators.

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