A truck driver rescued a man from an icy river (4 photos + 1 video)

19 January 2024

Luke Wagner was driving his truck when he saw the silver car slide off the icy road and fall into the river. A 26-year-old Briton rushed to save the shocked driver.

The incident, which happened on January 10 in March, Cambridgeshire, was captured on camera on a lorry.

Wagner said: “I was driving along the road when I saw a silver car approaching from the opposite direction, after which it suddenly rushed in front of me and flew into the river. It was obvious that it was driven on ice. My heart stopped. I rushed to the shore, the car was rapidly sinking. Before I could approach, the driver emerged from the water, and I asked him if there was anyone else inside. He was confused, but said no. I asked if he could swim, to which he replied affirmatively. I went down anyway and extended my hand to him."

By this time, several more people had gathered at the scene, one of them threw a rope to the man.

Wagner added: "The water was very cold and we all risked hypothermia if we went in. Luckily we were able to get him out and the car was completely submerged. We later found out that the glass had broken when the car hit the water and I I think he was incredibly lucky, otherwise it would have been much more difficult to get out."

Before the ambulance arrived, the man with cuts on his head was covered with dry clothes and placed in a warm van.

While the victim was being treated, another vehicle spun out of control and crashed into a Mini belonging to one of the deputies. A nearby Nissan Juke was also hit and overturned. The team rushed to pull the woman out. Rescue services soon arrived.

"That morning was like a disaster. The police said they were inundated with calls. I'm glad everyone survived. I think it's all about being in the right place at the right time, and truck drivers have a responsibility to be careful on the road." .

Luke, who works for Anglian Plant in Norfolk, had driven past a car that had slid into a ditch shortly before the incident.

He stopped to see if help was needed and later found out it was the victim's daughter.

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