What the actors of the series “Sex and the City” look like today after 20 years (13 photos)

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19 January 2024

"Sex and the City" is, whatever one may say, a legendary series. The project collected a huge number of film awards and the love of millions of viewers. Moreover, the series was a success not only among girls over 30, but also among men. “Sex and the City” is still watched with pleasure today, but if you look at the calendar you might be a little horrified. After all, the first season was filmed in 1998, and the last in 2004. It seems like an eternity has passed since then. So, let's see what the Sex and the City actors look like today, 20 years later.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The leading actress is Carrie Bradshaw, for which the actress received a total of six awards (four Golden Globes and two Emmys).

Mario Cantone

The actor and stand-up comedian played the role of Anthony Marantino, Charlotte York's friend.

Willie Garson

The performer of the role of Stanford Bletch died in 2021 at the age of 57 from pancreatic cancer. His character appears in the sequel “And Just Like That.”

Ron Livingston

The actor played the role of Jack Berger, a writer and one of Carrie Bradshaw's suitors.

Kyle MacLachlan

Charlotte's “ideal husband”, Trey McDougal, was played by an actor who also played the role of an FBI agent from the equally legendary series “Twin Peaks” (1990-1991).

John Corbett

For the role of Aidan Shaw, Carrie's boyfriend, the actor was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Golden Globe).

Evan Handler

The actor played the role of Harry Goldenblatt, Charlotte's lawyer and husband.

David Eigenberg

The actor played the role of Miranda's partner, Steve Brady.

Jason Lewis

Jason gained fame for his role as Jerry Jerrod, a waiter and young actor, Samantha's lover, who appeared in the final season of the series.

Chris Noth

The actor played the honorary role of the man of his dreams, Mr. Big.

Cynthia Nixon

The actress gained wide fame thanks to her role as Miranda Hobbs. She was nominated three times for an Emmy and won one for Best Supporting Actress.

Kristin Davis

Performer of the role of Charlotte York. The actress almost never appears in films, but like the rest of the main participants she is involved in the sequel.

Kim Cattrall

The actress played the role of Samantha Jones and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress six times in total (Golden Globe and Emmy).

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