10 most crazy records from the Guinness Book of Records for 2023 (4 photos + 7 videos)

19 December 2023

In the past 2023, quite unusual records were set by both people and animals.

A cat named Kit Kat jumped rope 9 times in a minute thanks to training with his owner. This amazing cat has become a real advertising star. Now the cat is 13 years old and, according to his owner, he started training at 6 months.

This is truly the strangest record. American Kimberly Winter set the record for the loudest burp, reaching a level of 107 decibels - comparable to the roar of a motorcycle at full speed. To enter the Guinness Book of Records, she washed down her coffee with beer during breakfast.

39-year-old French firefighter Jonathan Verot ran the longest distance (272.25 meters) without oxygen in a fireproof suit on the Aubourdin circuit. This daring stunt showed the unique skills and endurance of firefighters.

A dog named Rocky from the USA set a record with the longest tongue among all living dogs - its length was 14 cm. The breed of the dog is a boxer, he is 9 years old and the weight of this handsome man is almost 30 kg.

Iranian Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari can attract metal, and in order not to be unfounded, he demonstrated his ability by “magnetizing” 88 spoons to his body. He claims to have developed his unusual ability since childhood.

13-year-old American Avery Emerson Fisher performed 38 tricks in a minute while in an aquarium in San Francisco. This amazing performance combined her two hobbies - magic and scuba diving.

Employees of the Vapiano restaurant gathered 465 couples in Berlin to simultaneously perform the Italian kiss while eating spaghetti. These are truly marketing geniuses - and the restaurant was advertised and entered the Book of Records!

Numerous record holder Andre Ortolf was able to assemble the Mr. Potato Head toy faster than anyone else in the world while blindfolded. He completed this task in 12.11 seconds. This is a really “useful” skill.

American Paul Slosar was recognized as the owner of the longest mustache among living men - its length is 63.5 centimeters. It took him 30 years to set this record.

Stunt driver Paul Swift (UK) squeezed a large pickup truck into a tiny 88cm gap and set a record for the shortest gap traveled by a pickup truck on two wheels.

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