She wanted to become the only child in the family (7 photos)

10 December 2023

In the Philippines lived the most ordinary middle-class Maguad family. Dad worked as a teacher in a high school, and mom was the principal of a junior school. They had two children - 16-year-old Louis and 18-year-old Gwenn.

Their daughter did well at school and was especially good at learning English. Gwenn wanted to become a doctor, and in her free time she took part in competitions. Louis was an excellent athlete, and planned a lawyer career in the future.

And thanks to Gwenn, known for her kindness, another child appeared in the family in 2021. Janice was 17 years old and she met Gwenn at someone's family function, where Janice was babysitting other people's children. The girls quickly found a common language and it turned out that Gwenn’s new friend was an orphan and at the same time she still had nowhere to live. Maguad could not leave Janice in trouble and went to talk with her parents about taking the teenager into her family. Parents, Lovella and Cruz, being both teachers who sincerely loved children, could not ignore Janice’s grief.

Lovella, Gwenn, Louis and Cruz

In July of that year, Janice moved in with the Maguads. She was given the warmest welcome and treated her the same way as her own children: they provided help with her studies, gave her pocket money, and planned to send her to university. However, problems with Janice arose almost immediately: in the very first months, about two hundred dollars disappeared from the couple. They were found quickly - under the lining in the adopted daughter's backpack. The girl immediately burst into tears and quite sincerely apologized for this act. It was perceived as a consequence of her past life and was not severely punished. The relationship even became somehow stronger and closer. Janice and Gwenn were like sisters, Louis decided to sleep in the living room so that his new relative could sleep comfortably in his room.

Janice and Gwenn

On December 10, Cruz and Lovella were at school when Cruz received a call asking him to go home as quickly as possible because some people had broken into his home. A quarter of an hour later, the man rushed home and saw a bloody blanket and a knife at the entrance. Cruz began calling for the children, but no one answered him. The front door was locked, the back door too, and the man simply broke it down. He found Gwenn's body in the living room, and Louis's at the entrance. There was no living place on the girl’s body - cuts, bruises, wounds. Louis was gagged, tied up and, like his sister, all stabbed and cut up. There were fragments of bottles, a bat, and a hammer lying around. Cruz stood in the middle of this nightmare, but did not see his third daughter anywhere. He decided to explore the house, realizing with horror that he would most likely find a third mutilated corpse. But at that moment Janice, safe and sound (except all wet) left the room.

Cruz claimed that the adopted daughter was scared, and she did not hear her father’s screams and how he broke down the door because she was “taking a shower.” Cruz was somewhat amazed that Janice decided to wash herself while her brother and sister were dying in the next room, but at that moment he chalked it all up to shock.

Cruz called the police and Lovella. For a long time she could not believe that her own children were no more, that they had been killed, and even so cruelly. The police immediately began to interrogate the only surviving child, Janice.

The girl began to say that three masked men burst into the house and immediately attacked her brother. Janice claimed that she hid under the bed in her bedroom and wrote a post on a social network that there were unknown people in the house. That's why Cruz got the call from that unknown number. The police easily believed the girl, because the nature of the wounds inflicted indicated that there was more than one killer. Just as quickly, they found the attackers’ belongings; they took off their bloody clothes right in the house and tried to throw the bag into the river, but it got caught on a tree branch.

Janice on the left

But something wasn't right about Janice's words. She said that Luis was killed first, but when Cruz broke into his house, his wounds were very recent, blood was oozing from them. The survivor’s room was in such disarray that it became clear that she could not hide under the bed during such a search. The very appearance of the killers raised questions - usually robbers try to take as much as possible and escape as quickly as possible, but here it was an extremely brutal murder. Many blows were struck and with great ferocity. And the robbers only took cell phones.

It turned out that the death of Louis and Gwenn occurred at approximately 14:00, and the post atJanice posted on social network only around three o’clock in the afternoon. Moreover, at the same moment the girl received a call from her alarmed young man and she picked up the phone, but remained silent. And in the background there was complete silence, but two people were killed there and, judging by the situation, the whole house was ransacked.

The murder weapons were all Maguad's property. Only Gwenn and Janice knew exactly where the hammer was, and the bat was actually stored on a shelf in the closet located in Janice’s room. So they went in there, found the bat, but didn't find Janice?

After fingerprints were taken, they were found to be identical to Janice's. And when on December 16 she was summoned to the police for a second interrogation, the girl could not stand it and revealed the truth to her lawyer: she killed her brother and sister. And a young minister of a nearby church named Karl helped her in this. He was also 17 years old, and when the police got hold of their correspondence, it became clear that they had planned everything.

But why? Why was it necessary to kill those who treated her like her own sister, let her into their home and surrounded her with love and care?

During interrogations about the reason for such a brutal murder, Janice replied that it was all due to “envy and anger.”

Acquaintances of Janice recalled during police interviews that she more than once spoke badly about the Maguad family, despised them and considered them poor. And later something else became clear: she was not an orphan. Her parents were alive, healthy and they had three more children. True, the mother left the father with the children and left, but he did not care too much about his offspring. Janice and her had to survive and fend for themselves entirely on their own. Cruz told police that Janice was very insecure and was irritated by Gwenn's popularity and the fact that everyone loved her.

She called Cruz and Lovella mom and dad for the first time that very day.

The one when she became their only child.

Both killers, because they were minors, were placed under the supervision of the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development. Both parents said that they try to work very hard to drown out the terrible longing for their own children.

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