russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for December 6-7

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8 December 2023

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct, full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the enemy

- Congratulations on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thanks to every defender and every defender for the opportunity to live - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

- The Ukrainian Armed Forces continued their assault operations south of Bakhmut, - ISW, the situation at the front.

▪️Ukrainian forces counterattacked near Bogdanovka (6 km northwest of Bakhmut) and captured two positions previously occupied by units of the Russian 331st Airborne Regiment.

▪️Russian forces are focused on retaking previously lost positions near Bakhmut and are using Storm-Z assault troops for highly attritional frontal attacks.

▪️Ukrainian troops counterattacked north of the Avdeevka coke plant and forced Russian troops to withdraw from two forward positions.

▪️Russian troops unsuccessfully attacked south and west of Rabotino.

- Ukrainian forces counterattacked near Avdiivka, - ISW, situation at the front.

▪️AFU maintain positions in the center of Stepovoye.

▪️Ukrainian troops repelled an attack by Russian troops in the Novodonetskoye area (15 km southeast of Velikaya Novoselka) and south of Zolotaya Niva (11 km southeast of Velikaya Novoselka).

▪️Ukrainian forces also continue to strengthen their grouping inside Krynok.

- Germany is not an ally of Ukraine, said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

"We do what we can. The same goes for almost all other allies and partners. But Germany is not an ally of Ukraine and, therefore, is not part of any alliance."

- On Tuesday, the United States and Sweden signed an agreement on defense cooperation.

Under this agreement, Washington will have access to 17 military installations in the kingdom.

The US military will have access to training sites, military camps, ports and airports.

The agreement is expected to come into force upon ratification by the Swedish Parliament in 2024.

- The Pentagon and defense industry partners have provided Ukraine with technology to produce FrankenSAM hybrid air defense systems, which are produced using Ukraine's legacy air defense systems by integrating certain Western equipment.

The FrankenSAM program combines modern Western caliber surface-to-air missiles with modernized launchers or Soviet-era radars that Ukrainian forces already have on hand.

Two versions of this improvised air defense system - one with Soviet Buk launchers and American Sea Sparrow missiles, the other with Soviet-era radars and American Sidewinder missiles - have been tested in recent years several months at military bases in the United States and are destined to be delivered to Ukraine this fall.

The program's origins date back to late last year, when Ukrainian officials asked allies to help them find missiles for about 60 Soviet-era Buk launchers and radars that lay idle in Kyiv's arsenal.

Realizing that the West would have difficulty obtaining Russian-made ammunition for the Buk systems, the Ukrainians instead proposed converting the launchers to use NATO-caliber anti-aircraft missiles donated by the United States.

- Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin:

The United States risks creating a “second Vietnam” in Ukraine, which every new American administration will have to deal with.

- Aid to Ukraine has fallen to a historic low, reports the Kiel Institute of World Economics.

Between August and October 2023, the total value of the new packages is estimated at just €2.11 billion, the lowest amount since January 2022.

- Map allx approximate routes of Russian aviation attacks on Ukraine from September 6 to November 3.

Shahed-136 kamikaze UAVs often attack river beds, roads and regional borders.

There is logic in this: you can fly low over the river and unnoticed by air defense radars; Above the road, the noise of martyrs merges with the noise of cars.

But one thing is clear on the map of Shahid’s attacks: many of them are flying from Crimea.

Looking at the map, one conclusion suggests itself: Ukraine cannot feel secure until it controls Crimea.

- The tanker AVENCA (IMO 9410002) of the German company CST delivered 50 thousand tons of Russian oil products to the US Navy base in Norfolk by direct transport from Novorossiysk.

A representative of the monitoring group “Institute of Black Sea Strategic Studies” and the BlackSeaNews publication Andrey Klimenko reported this on his Facebook page.

Norfolk is the largest naval base in the world with 10 berths with a total length of about 20 kilometers.

The base has ammunition depots, oil storage facilities and loading and unloading infrastructure.

There are 8 shipbuilding and ship repair plants, 7 dry docks, 3 floating docks, 16 slipways.

The base can accommodate aircraft carriers, landing ships, dock ships, destroyers and other vessels. In total, the base can accommodate about 75 ships.

– The Ukrainian Armed Forces are already located between the second and third lines of defense of the Russian Federation: there are three of them in total, – Umerov.

“‎We have deoccupied 50% of our territory, we are defeating Russia on our land. And now we have a plan for 2024.”

- 500 Bradley for Morocco: the information turned out to be false.

- Killed an orc with a shot from 3.8 km and set a world record.

A photo of the same sniper appeared. Vyacheslav Kovalsky is a 58-year-old former businessman and sports shooter, and now a SBU sniper. The previous world record was 3.5 km 🔥

- Kiva was killed! The corpse of a traitor was found in the Moscow region, - the Russian TV channel REN TV, citing sources.

It looks doubtful for now, we are waiting for details.

Details about the death of the kiwi are published by the Russian Federation.

Kiva was mortally wounded in the forest park and, bleeding for some time, walked along the path towards the main hotel building. A body without signs of life was found two to three minutes walk from the hotel.

Preliminarily, the “cut” wound is a gunshot wound, which law enforcement officers did not notice due to the heavy bleeding.

Officially: Kiva died on the spot, he was shot at, - Moscow Region Main Headquarters of the Investigative Committee.

Urgent General Staff report 😁

After Kiva’s death, Russian propagandists are distributing photos with a fake list of traitors to Ukraine who were allegedly ordered to be eliminated

Shariy and Yanukovych get ready 😂

- The Pentagon transferred technology for the production of hybrid air defense to Ukraine.

It allows you to combine modern surface-to-air missiles with Soviet-era launchers or radars already available in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Parallel production of air defense systems in two countries will speed up their deployment in Ukraine 🔥

- Today, in the area of Zmeiny Island, a Su-24M of the Russian Aerospace Forces was shot down

Under the cover of a Su-30SM, he tried to launch a missile and bomb attack on the south of the Odessa region. Rusnya claims that this was the work of the Patriot air defense system, which “immediately dropped after the strike” 🤭

- Biden said that he would not have nominated himself for a second presidential term if Trump did not have a chance to lead the country for a second time

According to Biden, the former president seriously threatens American democracy.

- The Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to destroy the Crimean Bridge if they have a sufficient number of ATACMS and Taurus missiles, said the former commander of US ground forces in Europe.

According to Hodges, the construction of the bridge is part of Russia's strategy to establish dominance in Ukraine, and the destruction of this infrastructure could play a key role in Ukraine's success not only in Crimea, but also during military operations in general.

- Japan will allocate $4.5 billion for the restoration of Ukraine, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said

- Educational institutions in Ukraine will have police protection, alarm systems, and metal detectors,” Shmygal said.

- Medvedev’s brilliant forecast for 2023

Exactly 0 out of 10 came true 🤭

- the Russian Federation will attack NATO countries if it wins in Ukraine - Biden.

The United States also allocated a new package of weapons to Ukraine worth $175 million.

The US Senate blocked the bill to help Kiev to vote.

- Without US help, problems with social payments may arise in Ukraine already in January, - head of the budget committee of the Verkhovna Rada Pidlasa.

- Modern gamers

- Žaba

- The first week of December for Russian aviation

7.12 Ulan-Ude, Baikal airport. The left engine caught fire during takeoff of the TU-204.

5.12 Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khurba airport. Emergency landing of An-12 (no details).

5.12 Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. Emergency landing of Airbus A321, failure of stabilization system control.

2.12 Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. Emergency landing of Airbus A321, left engine failure.

2.12 Tyumen, Roshchino airport. Emergency landing of the Superjet 100, "due to a technical reason."

1.12 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport. Emergency landing of a Boeing 737, loss of tire pressure.

1.12 St. Petersburg, Pulkovo airport. Emergency landing of Airbus A321, cockpit air conditioning system.

1.12 Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo airport, Emergency landing of RRJ-95, failure of the autopilot and flaps after departure.

- Two interesting observations from @yoshkinkrot

- So I don’t understand, did they find Yarosh’s business card next to the corpse of the kiva or not?

- Died and died

- Interesting survey data from the Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Higher School of Economics

- Shelves with familiar products are empty in Ulyanovsk

At the same time, the best price in the city is considered to be 200 rubles per ten. In Nizhny Novgorod there is no shortage, but there the price for a dozen is already 300 rubles

- Bashkir activist, ex-head of Navalny’s Headquarters in Ufa Liliya Chanysheva was taken to a colony. She is a political prisoner

- An American soldier tears up a portrait of Stalin. Korean War

- Even if he says this word for word in his next message, nothing will change

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