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7 December 2023

Many of us like to relax after work and play some games for a couple of hours. Some people like shooters, others like story-based games, exploration games, and so on. And some people love simulators.

It is known that many girls love The Sims - a simulator in which you need to create a character, build a house for him, furnish it and regulate the life of your Sim. Many admit that it is not so important to them what happens to their Sim, because it is much more interesting to take care of the house and plot, building it according to their wishes. Just for such construction lovers there are games that will be discussed below.

Landlord's Super

Landlord's Super takes place in the 1980s in England. The simulator allows you to rebuild an old house, and quite realistically. The player must solve many problems, starting from the construction itself and ending with a number of everyday features of the building.

Realism is built perfectly: if you need bricks, you need to buy them, then mix cement and lay out the wall. At the same time, funds are limited and if we spend too much time, construction will stop.

Great training if you suddenly want to build a house in real life.

The Sims 4

Although we have already talked about them above, it would be a crime not to include the game in the list. It is noteworthy that the mastermind behind The Sims 4, Will Wright, lost his home due to a firestorm in 1991, and the construction of a new one led to the creation of the game.

The designer is simple, understandable, and to build complex houses you just need to practice a little and watch video tutorials. A huge number of mods have been invented for the legendary game, and despite the fact that it was released almost ten years ago, official additions continue to be made for it.

ARK: Survival Evolved

In this game, the construction skill saves the character’s life, because he is being hunted by prehistoric lizards of enormous size. The player must try hard to survive the first minutes of the game in order to escape from the dinosaurs.

The game has very interesting crafting and construction mechanics. And this is not a house we are used to, but a refuge from which you can create something very unusual. Even with a small variety of tools, you can easily supplement the gameplay with mods.

House Builder

Here you can travel around the world and build houses for a variety of peoples. A hut in Siberia, an igloo in the Arctic, huts for the inhabitants of an African tribe, or even just for ordinary people. The materials can be either the usual brick or concrete, or straw, or ice. In the game you can learn about construction techniques and how to use this or that material. The work is organized and carried out by the player himself, without hiring workers. A great meditative way to relieve stress.

Construction Simulator 2015

Here you can master a wide variety of construction equipment and build anything you want. Bridges, windmills, skyscrapers, ordinary houses. Here you can start everything from the very beginning - dig a foundation pit, then a foundation, and so on, until the walls are built. The tasks can be very different and they are aimed at improving skills in construction. The mode can also be multiplayer and you can start construction together with your friends.

House Flipper

One of the most realistic construction games was released in 2018. The main character here is a worker who receives orders to repair abandoned or damaged houses. At first he has so many tools in his arsenal, but his skill quickly improves and he can do cleaning, paint walls, build utility buildings, plant a garden, change the entire house (except for the main walls).

In addition to orders with clear instructions, House Flipper also allows you to buy a house, change it completely at your own discretion, and then put it up for auction and sell it.

The second part of House Flipper will be released for PC in December 2023, and for PS5 in March 2024. Judging by the trailers, the game will be promising and the builder's options will be much richer than in the first part.


For lovers of monumental construction there is Satisfactory. This is not houses with huts, but the construction of an entire factory. The player-engineer explores a beautiful planet wherenone of the people lived. But the inhabitants of the planet are not so peaceful. The character's task is to explore local territories and establish production there. It's survival, strategy and construction all rolled into one. By the way, the game provides a cooperative mode, so you can start building a “small candle plant” together with a friend.

Castle Flipper

This is for those who really liked House Flipper, but want something more grandiose. In Castle Flipper you will need to build an entire medieval castle, and the main character is an artisan and subordinate of the king, fulfilling all his wishes.

You can build a castle from scratch, and if something goes wrong, then take a sledgehammer and smash everything to hell. The king can order both the construction of a castle and the restoration of the monuments he conquered.


This is a survival simulator. The main character is a Scandinavian warrior, and the mechanics are quite simple: building a roof and walls. However, the mythology of Scandinavia, which lies at the heart of the game, brings a special flair to the gameplay. You can build an ordinary small house, or you can build a village with bridges, piers, fishing spots and other Viking delights. At the same time, Valheim is very realistic and if, for example, you place a fire source in a room, it will immediately fill with smoke and the character will not even be able to sleep.


Well, of course Minecraft. This is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to construction in games. It has millions of fans of all ages, and the mechanics of constructing buildings is what Minecraft and similar games actually rely on. The possibilities for creative realization are vast: the world is endless and you can build entire castles and fortresses there to protect yourself from all evil spirits. One of the best and long-tested games on PC.

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