A man got an inscription on his forehead after losing a bet to his tattooist son (5 photos + 1 video)

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1 December 2023

A 52-year-old American lost a bet on Fortnite to his son, who gave his father a tattoo of the name of this popular online game right above his right eyebrow. High, high relations!

Donnie Manco from Fort Wayne, Indiana, agreed to have "Fortnite" tattooed on his forehead if he lost a bet. His 23-year-old son Memphis, a professional tattoo artist, did everything himself, capturing all stages of the process on video.

“Your mom is going to kill me,” Donnie says in the TikTok video, which has received more than 21.1 million views.

However, skeptics claim that this is just a henna tattoo.

The video includes Donnie's wife's reaction.

“Why did you do that on your damn face?” asks 48-year-old Sarah in shock. “Fortnite? Fortnite?!”

But Memphis supported his father and his work. He stated that it was proof of his father's cheerful nature and insisted that Donnie was very happy with the new tattoo. And he understands them - since he is a tattoo artist himself.

“In our family it is not customary to do things halfway; we give it our all, no half measures,” Memphis explained.

He said Fornite was chosen because it is "the battleground for an epic saga of sibling rivalry and conquest."

“I love turning family competitions into living art,” he added.

The professional tattoo artist shared a video of the process on his TikTok channel (@memphismancotattoo), documenting every step from stenciling to drawing.

He later shared his mother's reaction to the news. Memphis admitted his mother was “stunned.”

The mother of the family is clearly not happy. But the son claims that this tattoo shows his father's cheerful disposition.

Commenters on TikTok are pointing their finger at their temples and asking what is this new trend of stupid inscriptions on the forehead. Many people believe that this is some kind of joke, promotion for advertising purposes.

Some typical comments include: “I refuse to believe it's real,” “It even looks like it's not there,” “It's probably a disappearing ink tattoo,” “I think it's a henna tattoo or whatever it's called.” .

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