Four-eyed sharpie Johnny Stalker (6 photos)

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1 December 2023

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The example of this man proves that this statement is controversial.

Dr. William Drury published an interesting article in the Boston Medical Journal in 1854. It tells the story of a man with two pairs of eyes, one above the other. Amazingly, he could open and close them freely, rotate them in different directions, or rotate the eyeball at will.

This character was born in the middle of the last century in the family of a fireman and lived in Wiltshire in England. But the son did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a firefighter - the job was too dangerous. And at the age of 18 he went to London for a better and, most importantly, unburdensome life.

John Stalker has found the perfect way to make money. The ability to play cards well, combined with a double set of eyes, allowed the guy to become a sharper. And not just a sharper, but a virtuoso. Of course, he did not reveal his piquant physiological feature to the players - he sat at the table with his hat pulled down over his forehead. But thanks to his extra eyes he saw further and more, not a single movement escaped him.

Gradually, the fame of the unique one spread throughout the city. And the flow of people wanting to beat Johnny dried up. But Stalker is used to living large. And money tends to run out. Accustomed to easy money, he did not consider ways to earn an honest living. And he decided to simply take them away, again using his unique physiological feature.

Stolker met ladies or looked for drunken men as companions. He went with them to a secluded corner and took off his hat. Naturally, the first reaction of any person was shock. Until the object came to its senses, the enterprising four-eyed robber relieved the victim of unnecessary valuables and money. The method turned out to be effective, but not particularly promising. In 1921, the corpse of a unique person was found on the street. Apparently, some potential victim was not the most timid and responded to the demand with a shot.

In memory of a unique person who apparently suffered from a rare disorder - ischiopagia (absorption of his twin by the embryo), numerous wax figures remained in various museums.

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