Billboard: musicians with a record number of best-selling albums (15 photos)

1 December 2023

Billboard magazine updates its rankings of the most popular albums (physical and digital) by bands and artists each week based on seven-day sales data. Actually, this is how the famous Billboard 200 chart is compiled, which has been published since 1945. This is not done just for the sake of statistics. After all, album sales are one of the main indicators of an artist’s popularity, reflecting consumer demands. And the albums of some artists more than once ended up in the top position, which indicates their long-lasting, rather than seasonal popularity. Well, let's see who made it to the top of the Billboard 200.

7th place. Justin Bieber - 8 albums

Justin Bieber shares 7th place with two other artists, as they have the same number of albums that stayed in 1st place. The same thing happens with places 6 to 3, only the first and second are solely owned by two record holders.

Kenny Chesney - 8 albums

Kenny Chesney is an American country singer who was very popular in 2000-2010. Fourteen of his twenty albums are certified gold or platinum.

U2 - 8 albums

6th place. Madonna - 9 albums

Madonna's albums that topped the Billboard 200 chart: Madame X (2019), MDNA (2012), Hard Candy (2008), Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005), American Life (2003), Music (2000), Like a Prayer (1989), True Blue (1986) and Like a Virgin (1985).

Garth Brooks - 9 albums

Another American country musician who broke all records for sales and concert attendance in the 90s.

The Rolling Stones - 9 albums

5th place. Kanye West - 10 albums

Ye has 22 Grammys to his name (he holds the record for the most nominations), and the total sales of his albums and singles have exceeded 121 million copies.

Eminem - 10 albums

Elvis Presley - 10 albums

4th place. Bruce Springsteen - 11 albums

Bruce Springsteen is a rock musician and leader of The E Street Band. He won an Oscar for his song for the film Philadelphia (1993).

Barbra Streisand - 11 albums

In addition to her musical career, Barbra also succeeded in her acting career: she received two Oscars, an Emmy and four Golden Globes.

3rd place. Taylor Swift - 12 albums

A young performer who began her career in the 2000s and continues to rapidly gain popularity and music awards.

Drake - 12 albums

2nd place. Jay-Z - 14 albums

Jay-Z became the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

1 place. The Beatles - 19 albums

Not only the entire group, but also its individual members released mega-popular albums: seven albums by Paul McCartney, three by John Lennon and two by George Harrison were in first place on the Billboard list.

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