10 animals with unique superpowers (10 photos + 1 video)

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1 December 2023

There are always many interesting things to discover in the world of wildlife. And some creatures have such amazing abilities that any movie superhero would envy them! From immortality to the ability to make killer noises, take a look at ten animals that have unique super powers.

1. Luxurious mantis crab

Luxurious mantis crayfish have unique eyes. They have 16 types of photoreceptor cells, while humans have four, and see many times more colors, which do not even have names in our human world. It's like putting on kaleidoscope glasses and immersing yourself in a realm of visual splendor with a variety of shades. The eyes of these crayfish are on separate stalks and can rotate 360 degrees, independently of one another. They are also fast hunters, and are able to kill prey with the speed of a bullet.

2. Immortal jellyfish

Imagine being able to turn back the clock in your life cycle, just like in the movies. The immortal jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii does just that. Having reached maturity, it can return to the polyp stage, starting its life cycle anew. This biological mechanism is called transdifferentiation. When this jellyfish is threatened, encounters environmental stress, or simply reaches the end of its life cycle, it goes through this process that returns it to its earliest stage of development. It's like starting the game from a saved location!

3. Horseshoe bat

The horseshoe bat's superpower is echolocation. With its help, they build a “map” of the space in which they are located, without using their eyes. Mice emit sound waves from their nose or mouth, and when these waves reach an object, an echo is created. It is reflected back into the mouse's ears, and by interpreting these signals, the mouse can determine the size, location, and shape of surrounding objects. They appear to have built-in radar, giving them the ability to detect obstacles, prey, and even subtle changes in their surroundings. Thanks to their super strength, these mice can navigate and determine the size of objects even in pitch darkness.

4. Naked mole rat

These burrowing rodents from East Africa manage to remain youthful and vigorous into old age. The fact is that they have amazing resistance to cancer, which surprises scientists. It's all about the characteristics of their genes, which slow down the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. In addition, unlike most of their relatives, these rodents’ reproductive capacity does not decrease with age. They also have a record life expectancy among rodents: they can live up to 40 years! Now scientists continue to study the features of the naked mole rat - perhaps, thanks to them, there will be a way to extend human life.

5. Bryzgun

Splashfish are known for their unique hunting techniques, which is why they are called "snipers". They spit out a stream that infects ground-dwelling insects or other small prey. This jet is not simple: the fish specifically adjusts its shot depending on the distance to the target and the size of the prey. They also cope well with underwater shooting.

6. Lyrebird

Lyrebirds are known for their ability to perfectly imitate natural and artificial sounds in their environment. These miraculous birds, native to the rainforests of Australia, have achieved such perfection in the art of imitation that they can imitate a whole symphony of sounds: from the singing of other bird species to mechanical sounds (the sounds of car alarms or chainsaws). Scientists believe that such mimicry is not just for fun: it is also used to attract mates and protect one's territory.

7. Peregrine Falcon

Few creatures on Earth can match the peregrine falcon in terms of speed. During the hunt, these birds of prey dive down from a great height, hitting the prey with their paws and leaving it no chance. During a dive, the peregrine falcon develops breathtaking speed - more than 149km/h

8. Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are good at the art of camouflage. They can change their appearance in the blink of an eye, adapting to any background. It's all about their skin, which contains special chromatophore cells that contain pigments and can quickly expand or contract, allowing cuttlefish to quickly change color and skin pattern. The cuttlefish achieves this result by contracting the muscles around these pigment cells. They use this superpower to hunt, or to hide and avoid becoming someone's lunch.

9. Click crayfish

These crayfish are armed with a huge claw, with which they make an extremely loud sound that can stun prey or even kill small fish. When the crayfish moves its claw, cavitation bubbles appear in the water and are directed towards the prey. This "shock wave" creates a temperature of about 4,427 degrees Celsius, which can be compared to the surface temperature of the Sun.

10. Hairy frog

Hairy frogs display their superpowers when they sense danger. Feeling threatened, they break the bones of their own phalanges and bring them out through the skin, forming small claws. This gives the frog an intimidating appearance and scares away enemies. This large frog is native to Africa and is commonly found in tropical forests, swamps and swamps. The species got its name because of the densely spaced patches of skin (“hairs”) that are formed in males during the breeding season.

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